Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sneak peek at Greek Temptation

Greek Temptation by L.A. Day
Releasing December 12th from Ellora’s Cave
Unedited Excerpt:

His hungry gaze held her in place and she stood frozen as he approached. “I can smell your heat, your lust. I know you’re ready for mating.” He ran the back of his hand down her arm and his fingertips grazed the side of her breast.

Taking a step backward, Samantha collapsed in a winged-back chair. “You’re all crazy.” Covering her face with both hands, Samantha rubbed her forehead. What in the world was going on? Was this some type of hoax?

“Let us ease your suffering.” Lyk’s hands settled on her shoulders, massaging her tense muscles, and against her will she felt her tension melt. Crazy he might be, but his hands aroused her the way no other’s ever had.

Closing her eyes, she surrendered to his touch. A deep sigh escaped her lips as she relaxed, until firm hands slid up her calves to settle on her knees. “What are you doing?” Her eyes flew open to find Arcas knelling in front of her.

“I will ease your suffering.” His lyrical voice called to something deep within her and a shudder rocked her as she looked into his dark eyes. The desire in his eyes matched her own and her pulse leapt in reaction. Still, it didn’t seem right. She’d just allowed Lyk to satisfy her and now he stood behind her while Arcas prepared to do the same.

A slow grin curled the corner of Arcas’ mouth as his thumbs rubbed the inside of her knees and slowly pressed outward. “Let me taste you, pleasure you.”

Wildly, Samantha’s gaze darted about. Gulping as she realized Orrin was nowhere around.

“Open your thighs for him,” Lyk commanded.

Samantha trembled. Her gaze ran over Arcas’ gorgeous face. Part of her wanted to comply but she held back. Did they think she couldn’t resist their dark, lusty appeal? She wasn’t a whore to be passed around. She opened her mouth to protest but only a whimper escaped when Lyk’s hands slid down to cup her breasts.
Kneeling at her side, Lyk spoke, “Let us show you how much you mean to us.”

“But I…” She met Lyk’s lust-filled gaze. “You said I was your mate.” If he believed that, surely he wouldn’t allow another man such liberties. She needed Lyk to tell Arcas to stop because she feared she could not.

“You are.” His hands tugged the elastic top of her sundress down, revealing her peaked nipples. “You are my woman and Arcas is my second.” Lyk tweaked her already distended nipples.

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