Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sneak Peek at Feral Intensity

Feral Intensity by L.A. Day
Copyright 2008
Book 3 of the Faldron Shifters Series
M/M Erotic Romance releasing September 5th from Ellora’s Cave.

In wolf form, Dirk comes across the alpha coyote that is to be his mate. Temptation swirls within him but is he ready to submit?

A solitary howl shattered the peace of the evening. Dirk Valde raised his head from a science-fiction novel as the sound reverberated in his soul. Closing his eyes, he sighed. He was lonely, that was a fact. Laying the book aside, he stood and crossed to the cabin door. Lifting his head, he sniffed the cool night air. The coyote wasn’t in Valde territory yet but it was close. Taking a seat in an old wooden rocker, Dirk propped his bare feet up on the top rail of the porch. It was fall in the Faldron Mountains and the ground was crisp with frost. A low moon hung over the trees, illuminating the clearing around the cabin. He watched as a young buck hugged the tree line, following the scent of a doe in heat. The deer was oblivious to anything but his potential mate. A smirk curved Dirk’s lips. He could relate to the horny male.

The buck stopped and lifted his head. Taking a whiff of the air, he caught the scent of the coyote. Spooked, the deer bolted into the woods. The coyote wouldn’t feast on that particular deer tonight.

The cabin was located on the lower ridge at the northeast corner of Valde territory. The Valde wolf pack was the largest, strongest wolf pack in the area. Their land was vast and protected at all costs. They were fortunate to have a friendly feline pack on their eastern boarder. The mating of Gionne to Jenna and Riza to Leon had solidified that relationship.

He had chosen to take over guard duty in this area. It was his responsibility to protect the Valde wolf pack’s territory from invaders. The newly formed coyote pack pushed the boundaries daily. Yesterday, they had taunted him by leaving the remains of a fresh kill near the creek, behind the cabin.

It was a deliberate attempt to draw him out and he knew why. He would meet with Rian, their pack leader, when he was ready and not before then. The cabin had not been the best place to come to sort out his feelings, not with the coyotes so close. Temptation was just over the ridge. So far, Rian hadn’t tried to force the issue but day by day his scent lingered closer.

Coming to the cabin had been a huge step for Dirk. Part of him knew he couldn’t run forever but a knot of panic formed in his gut every time he considered his destiny. His worry was twofold. Having a male mate was a surprise but a coyote mate was a shock. He lived in denial. In fact, he’d almost mated twice in the last several months. Neither female had been his true mate but both were fine females and had aroused a need within him. Thoughts of Jenna and Riza made him hard. The scent in the air made him harder. Both females had moved on with their mates and it was time for him to move on with his life.

Standing, Dirk pulled the tie out of his long hair. The cool night air had little effect on him and he shucked the unfastened jeans that were his only covering. Darting into the yard, two legs turned to four as he took the shape of a white wolf.

In wolf form, he was free of the worries that consumed his human half. Picking up a hot scent he crashed through thick underbrush, almost stumbling as he came to a sudden stop on the frosty ground. In a knee-deep pool of the stream sat a coyote shifter. Wet, black hair fell over bronze shoulders. The wolf growled low in his throat as the coyote shifter stood on firm, sculpted legs. A sleek back led to a rounded ass a shade lighter in color. Twisting, the coyote turned to face him.

The scent of lust filled the air as his gaze met the gleaming brown eyes of the coyote shifter. Dirk’s gaze traveled over the well-developed, lightly furred chest, the flat stomach and came to rest on the impressive erection jutting from the male’s body.

“So you’ve come out of hiding,” Rian Aden’s husky voice teased Dirk. “Why don’t you shift? I’d enjoy a back scrubbing and I’d return the favor.”

In feral form, Dirk took a step forward, stretching his neck out as he scented the aroused male. Perking his ears, he flared his nostrils. The heady scent was like a flavor on his tongue and his mouth watered. Overwhelmed with need, Dirk’s shiny coat stood on end as he struggled to contain his feral urge to mate.

“Come on Dirk. You know you want to.” Rian’s honey-rich voice teased as much as his soap-covered hand, which slid over rippling abs and encircled his erect cock. Dirk watched as the coyote shifter stroked his erection with a slow, firm grip.

Mesmerized by the beauty that was Rian, he took two steps forward. Dirk licked his lips hungrily. He was within touching distance of Rian and the coyote reached out his other hand. Startled, Dirk jumped back. The human within warred with his beast, fighting for control. He growled and darted back into the brush.

“Fuck!” The curse echoed in Dirk’s ears as he headed for the cabin.

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