Sunday, May 3, 2009

Excerpt: Made For Me

Made for Me by LA Day
Unedited Excerpt:
Releasing May 29th from Ellora’s Cave.

“Mav, I found your way in,” Rebecca said with just a little too much glee for his comfort.

First Commander Maverick Spencer rolled his chair across the tiled floor. His gaze zeroed in on Rebecca’s vid screed as it flashed an advertisement for a robotic sex site. “No thanks, Rebecca. I don’t need to buy sex. But there might be something there for you.”

“Nope. But that Marston babe you downloaded into your cyber sex unit just placed an order.”

“For what?” His gaze snapped back to the vid screen. “And I downloaded her file for research. She’s a target in our investigation.”

“Yep but you added her picture to your cyber sex unit. You can’t hide anything from a techno wiz.” Merriment gleamed in Rebecca’s eyes. “Anyway, she ordered a pleasure droid—a hi-tech robotic sex machine—and wait until you hear the description. She might have been describing you. Well, that is, if you have at least ten inches in those pants.” Rebecca raised her brows in a suggestive manner.

“I think I can cover that,” Mav grumbled, his eyes scanning the banner ad.

“Excuse me.” Rebecca waved her hand in his direction. “I need to open this drawer.”

Mav rolled backward to allow her to rummage through his stash of odds and ends.
“What are you looking for?”

“A tape measure. I had better verify the length. We wouldn’t want to disappoint her.”

“If you think I’m whipping it out for you—think again. I never disappoint.” He scooted closer, reading the digital data. “I’m still not sure how this pleasure droid info is going to help us.”

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