Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blurb of Greek Temptation

Greek Temptation
By L.A. Day
Releasing December 12th from Ellora’s Cave.

Haunted by dreams, Samantha Bastille paints a castle ruins only to discover the ruins exist. In Greece, she finds more than the ruins. Lykaios Diotrephes owns the ruins and invites her to stay at his villa. He’s tall, dark and gorgeous and just a glance sends shivers down her spine.

Mate with me or die, is the most romantic line.

Lykaios is alpha and with one day until the Herangetta, mating ritual, he must convince Samantha to mate with him. He knows that if she doesn’t she’ll die. How do you convince someone of lycan customs if they don’t believe in lycans? Lykaios and Arcas, his second, seduce Samantha but will she accept them both, for life?

This contains m/m/f & m/m erotic scenes.

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