Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Feral Intensity - Excerpt

Feral Intensity by L.A. Day
Copyright 2008
Book 3 of the Faldron Shifters Series
M/M Erotic Romance

Dirk meets Rian for the first time and discovers his mate is a male.

Unedited Excerpt:
Introductions commenced but Dirk tuned it all out until the leader extended his hand to him. His heart thundered as the bronze hand engulfed his in a firm grip. The alpha’s thumb caressed the back of his hand and his stomach muscles clenched. The dull, persistent ache that seemed ever present in his balls, ignited in fierce desire. With hands locked, Dirk raised his gaze to meet the other male’s dark, hungry eyes and his world shifted.

Full lips curled up at the corners as the male spoke in a low, husky voice. “I am Rian. It is an honor to meet you.”

Dirk breathed in a slow pant as his mind whirled with possibilities. It can’t be! There had to be some mistake. Rian released his hand and he felt bereft at the loss of the touch.

A smug smile curled Rian’s lips and Dirk’s heart beat triple time. Lust, hotter than he’d ever felt, churned in his gut.

Conversation between the two alphas swirled around his head but he couldn’t absorb the words. From time to time, Rian’s dark eyes turned to him and he felt his gaze as a heated caress. The male’s scent entranced him.

Taking a step backward, Dirk took a deep, cleansing breath as he tried to clear his mind. Turning away, he pretended vigilance to his duty as guard of the area. His eyes roved the darkened woods but his mind screamed with panic as he attempted to reason out his dilemma.

Dirk wasn’t a scholar of philosophy or pack history. What he did know was that for the shape-shifting races lifemates were predestined. Times were changing, the breeds were mixing. He didn’t know why the fates had chosen to mix the breeds, he only knew that they had. Gionne and Jenna were an example as was Gionne’s sister, Riza and her mate, Leon the feline alpha. He had almost taken both of the females as mates but destiny had stepped in and united them with their true mates. Looking back, Dirk didn’t know why he’d willingly wanted to mate with females he’d known were not his true mates.

Dirk sighed! Had part of him known what his future held? Was he trying to hide from a truth he knew within himself?

His gaze flashed back toward Rian. Had destiny chosen this male as his mate? He wasn’t ready to accept it. Though the coyotes were known for trickery, he wouldn’t fall easily for their games.

As the meeting came to an end, Dirk felt Rian’s questioning gaze upon him but he did not acknowledge the connection.

His spine tingled. His beast wanted out. The call to mate was clear but he would fight it. Time would tell if this coyote was his true mate.

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